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Tentative Date:  July 20, 2024

Time: 10 AM - 3 PM

Where:  Maria Gratta

220 Port Au Peck Ave.

Oceanport, NJ 07757


* Select - Surf & Sand College/Adult Tournament (July 20) +Coach to initially register the "Team"

* Click +Player to register as a player for an already created team

* You will need the "team code" sent to the person that registered the team

***Please download the tourney machine app on your mobile device to view your team's schedule***


The Surf & Sand Field Hockey ADULT (7v7) Play-Day was created to give participants the opportunity to become better athletes, prepare for the upcoming 2024 season, or just continue to play the game we all love.  The event also allows you to take advantage of great summer weather in a great summer location.

How to Register


* Click on the “Register Here” link above

*Select “Surf & Sand College/Adult Play Day (July 20)” +Coach to register each team.

* Once registration has been finalized you will receive a code.

* The $125 fee is your deposit and will RESERVE your team spot.

* If you are registering multiple teams please repeat the process for each team attending.

* The full deposit will be returned to you following your team's attendance at this event.



* Click on the “Register Here” link above

* Select “Surf & Sand College/Adult Play Day (July 20)" +Players

* Enter the team code. The individual that registered the team will have this code.

 * Each individual playing on the team will have to register themselves using the team code. 

How to Register as an Individual 

Click Register, *Select - Surf & Sand College/Adult (July 20)


*It is suggested to be registered by July 10

*Final Game Schedule will be released no later than 1:30 pm on July 13

* Open  to  all  students  grades  8-12 (U/-12/U-14/U-16/U-19) 

* Minimum of 6 field  players & 1 GK=Minimum 7 player to a team

* 4 Games per Team 

* On the day of the event registration will begin at 7:00 a.m.  

* Games begin at 7:30 AM

Players will need to:

* Bring a team uniform

*Supply  own  balls  to  warm  up  with  

(game  balls  will  be   supplied)  

*Wear  cross-trainers  or  turf  shoes    

*Have  mouth  guards  and  shin  guards  

(mandatory  for  play)  

*Supply  their  own  sticks or Goalie Equipment  

*Register themselves on the day of the event


$60.00 per Player 

A deposit of $125 is required to hold your team's spot. $120 will be reimbursed to you following your team's attendance at this event.

Rescheduled Events

Should the Surf & Sand College/Adult Play Day need to reschedule the event, registrations will be maintained and the Standard Refund Policy will be adhered with relative to the NEW date being offered. 


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