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Surf & Sand Summer Bash

Saturday, August 29th 


Capelli Sports Complex, 1659 Wayside Rd.

Tinton Falls, NJ


How to Register


Click on the register here button to set up your team registration. On the next page select Surf & Sand Summer Bash - TEAM (for COACHES ONLY). Once you have finished it will send back a code.  Please send the code to your team. They will need this to register. 



Click on the register here button. On the next page select Surf & Sand Field Hockey Summer Bash: PLAYERS. You will now need the Code your coach has provided you with to complete the registration.

Tournament Information

Surf & Sand  Field  Hockey  Summer Bash gives players the opportunity to compete in live competitive team play,   throughout a  one day  7v7  tournament.   Each game will be  25  minutes in length with  5  minutes between each game.  


- Open  to  all  students  grades  7-12 (U-10, U-12/U-14/U-16/U-19/College Divison) 


(minimum  of  6 field  players  & 1 GK= Minimum 7 player to a team)  


* Register by  August 29, 2020 (7:35  a.m. registration)  games begin at 9:00  a.m.  


Players  must:  

* Register with a team 


* Bring a team uniform


*  Game  balls  will  be   supplied) 


*Wear  cross-trainers  or  turf  shoes  


*Have  mouth  guards  and  shin  guards  (mandatory  for  play)  


*Supply  their  own  sticks  

*Each team will play 4 games


*Register online with Team Code - Please contact your Coach for the code. 

Cost: $60.00  per  person,  must  register  with  a  team  (minimum of  6 field players & 1 GK per  team)  


MANDATORY REQUIREMENTS FOR Participants, Officials, Coaches, & Staff

Full Plan Attached


Coaches, athletes and event staff are required to adhere to the guidelines listed on the following pages and are strongly encouraged to implement all recommended best practices contained in this document or similar practices for mitigating risks related to COVID-19.


FIRST and FOREMOST if you are not feeling well, and/or have any type of stuffy nose or cough PLEASE stay home.  If we feel that an athlete is not at full health, has a fever, or answers the questionnaire with a “yes” we will ask that you leave the field immediately.  If you have not been socially responsible, PLEASE do not endanger those around you -just stay home.   With health care documentation we will offer a full refund


  1. Ability to Participate & Access to the Areas of Competition:

    1. Upon registration, a staff member will implement required temperature monitoring for all program staff, athletes, coaches and officials prior to entering the complex or competition. Anyone with a temperature of 100.0°F (38°C) or higher may not enter the venue. 

    2. Please fill out the questionnaire on the day of the tournament (before you arrive).  DO NOT fill in your temperature as we will be taking it at registration.  Additionally, DO NOT sign the waiver until your temperature has been taken at registration.

      1. Anyone who:

        1. Exhibits COVID-19 symptoms. ◊ 

        2. Has tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 14 days. 

        3. Has been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 14 days cannot enter the competition venue.Registration/Check-in:

a.       Masks are required at check-in and hand sanitizer will be provided. You will not be allowed to check-in without a mask. 

b.      All rosters must be submitted via email in advance of team check-in to limit the amount of time spent at registration.

c.       Markers to delineate 6-feet spacing between people waiting in check-in lines.

d.      Teams will be designated a location near your designated field in addition to a time for registration.  

e.      We are asking each player to bring their own PEN

f.       Individuals will be provided a specific color bracelet associated with their field and then directed to a specific location within the complex where their team will stay until their competition. 

  1. Face Masks:

    1. Face masks will be required to be worn by all attendees (athletes, coaches, officials, and staff) 

      1. Face masks must be worn during registration and temperature checks.  

      2. Face masks may only be removed during play. We ask that coaches strongly consider continuing to wear face masks, but we will not enforce them to be worn doing your team's games. 

      3. Face masks must be worn entering and exiting the field and the complex and each time you arrive and depart.

      4. Face masks are required for entrance to the restroom.

      5. Faces masks MUST cover your nose and Mouth

  2. Spectators:

    1. Due to social distancing guidelines and complex capacity per field we are NOT allowing spectators. Please ensure that the cell phone number for the parent on-site is listed as their emergency contact – we will use that phone number in the case of an emergency. 

    2. Coaches of each team will be responsible for communicating and enforcing the NO SPECTATOR rule. If parents violate this rule – athletes will be removed from the field of competition. 

  3. Entry and Exit of Field and Complex:

    1. Each age group will be provided a wristband at registration for their designated field. Only teams with the appropriate wristband will be able to access each field. Additionally, you will need a wristband to be in the complex 

    2. Teams will be required to enter and exit the field from designated locations on the field. Staff will provide instructions to each team prior to entering the field from the designated location.

    3. Teams are required to wear masks to enter and exit the field and while walking around the complex. 

    4. Teams should be prepared to take the field immediately upon entering (try to provide a line-up and cheer prior to entering their competition) 

    5. Substitutes should stand 6 feet apart on the sideline - no benches will be available. 

    6. Teams will NOT be permitted to enter until the teams playing prior have departed. 

    7. Teams should not bring any belongings onto the field with them except their water, stick, mouthguard. 

    8. There will be no post-game handshakes or high fives – please gather your belongings and make your exit out of the rear entrance to the fields. 

    9. Signage will be posted for entry and exit.

(Limited only by number age, grade level, and/or gender)

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