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Surf & Sand Spring Bash

Saturday, March 26, 2022 

(Save the Date - 2023 - 3/25/2023)


Capelli Sports Complex, 1659 Wayside Rd.

Tinton Falls, NJ


How to Register

Select - Surf & Sand Spring Bash - March 26

Select - Surf & Sand Spring Bash - March 26 Click +Coach to initially register the "Team"

Click +Player to register as a player for the already created team( You will need the "team code" sent to the person that registered the team. It was sent to their email)

How to Register: Click on the link and select Surf & Sand Spring Bash -March 26  - Click +Coach to register the team.  With processing fees, it will cost approximately $285 to RESERVE your team spot. Once you have completed registration it will send you back a code. Please send the code to your team and have them select Surf & Sand Spring Bash- March 26 - TEAM Click +Players when they register themselves for the event. Each individual playing on the team will have to register themselves so we can collect their information and sign off on waivers.  If you are registering multiple teams you will need to do this for each team you have attending the event.

(If you choose "Players Pay" during your registration" $300 of this will be returned to you following your team's attendance at this event.  If you select "Coach Pays" $300 will be put toward your balance.) 

Rescheduled Events: Should The Surf & Sand Spring Bash need to reschedule the event, registrations will be maintained and the Standard Refund Policy will be adhered with relative to the NEW date being offered. 




Tournament Information

The Surf & Sand Bash gives players the opportunity to compete in live competitive team play,   throughout a one-day 7v7 event. The event provides instruction provided by coaches


* Open  to  all  students  grades  7-12 (U-10, U-12/U-14/U-16/U-19) 

* Players  must  register  as  a  team  

* Minimum  of  6 field  players  & 1 GK= Minimum 7 players to a team


* 4 Games per Team 

*Game will be  25  minutes in length with 2  minutes between each game


* Register by  March 10, 2022


* On the day of the event Registration will begin at 7:00 a.m.  


* Games begin at 8:00  A.M.

* Games end by 6:30 PM 


Players will need to:    

* Register with a team 


* Bring a team uniform


*  Game  balls  will  be   supplied) 


*Wear  cross-trainers  or  turf  shoes  


*Have  mouth  guards  and  shin  guards  (mandatory  for  play)  


*Supply  their  own  sticks  or Goalie Equipment


*Register online with Team Code - Please contact your Coach for the code. 

Cost: $60.00  per  person,  must  register  with  a  team  (minimum of  6 field players & 1 GK per  team)  

****No Refunds will be offered within 31 days of the start of this event***


(Limited only by number age, grade level, and/or gender)

***Please download the tourney machine app on your mobile device to view your team's schedule

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