Saturday, May 2nd @ Capelli Sports Complex, 1659 Wayside Rd.

Tinton Falls, NJ

Jamboree  Information

Northeast  Field  Hockey  Jamboree  gives  players  the  opportunity  to  compete  in  live  competitive  team  play,   throughout  a  one  day  7v7  tournament.    Each  game   will  be  25  minutes  in  length  with  5  minutes  between   each  game.  


- Open  to  all  students  grades  7-12 (U-10, U-12/U-14/U-16/U-19) 

- Players  must  register  as  a  team  

(minimum  of  6 field  players  & 1 GK= Minimum 7 player to a team)  


* Register  by  April  15, 2020 (8:00  a.m.  registration)  games  begin  at  9:00  a.m.  


Capelli Sport Complex  Tinton Falls, NJ 

(Please note the facility has changed to Capelli Sports Complex)


Players  must:  

* Bring a team uniform/champion will receive tournament champion t-shirt


*Supply  own  balls  to  warm  up  with  (game  balls  will  be   supplied)  


*Wear  cross  trainers  or  turf  shoes  


*Have  mouth  guards  and  shin  guards  (mandatory  for  play)  


*Supply  their  own  sticks  


*Mail  attached  registration  form  and  signed  medical   waiver back  

*Register themselves on the day of the tournament



Cost: $60.00  per  person,  must  register  with  a  team  (minimum of  6 field players & 1 GK per  team)  


1659 Wayside Rd.

Tinton Falls NJ 07712

(Limited only by number age, grade level, and/or gender)